Angel wing backpacks in Studio Alta~ ♡
Really wanted to buy the lilac one but I already bought too much stuff :’D

omg I need one!


Anime Expo 2014 Los Angeles - Death Note cosplay. His costume actually opened up for you to write someone’s name in it.

Photos by Jason at




The power of Cosplay


Everytime I log in I just end up being confused and turned on




Style and Color: Eowyn in Ice Violet
Character and Series: Vaati, Legend of Zelda (Minish Cap/Four Swords)

Side swept the bangs over my right eyes and just given a cursory pre-con brushing. The hat is clipped in.

Cosplayer Credit: Reily (aka reinbowcat)
Photographer Credit: Taken by a family member.

Thanks for the submission!
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Looky folks, I did a submission to Arda Wigs since I used an Arda wig in my most recent cosplay…

I AM SHAMELESSLY PLUGGING MY COSPLAY TUMBLR HERE, GO VISIT IT (it’s in that swanky cosplayer credit link). And if you cosplay… Arda’s wigs are fookin’ boss, yo. BUY FROM THEM.

Oooh, that wig is awesome! It’s a real shame they didn’t have that color when I originally did my own Vaati cosplay. I ended up getting something very similar (Ice Purple from EpicCosplay) but I get like 90% of my wigs from Arda. Half the time I barely even have to style them which is great.

» public service announcement for cosplayers who use bodypaint



please seal your paint

if you don’t seal your paint, this is what happens. you sit down.


lalalala sitting down

imagethen you get up and realize oh shit, damaged property.

no one wants damaged property!! and please don’t think “oh i’m just doing my hands and face, i won’t need to seal”. because from being in the artist alley i can’t tell you how many times unsealed paint has touched my art and gotten smudged and gross.

alternatively, bring a towel to sit on so that you’re never directly in contact with the hotel’s furniture! and be careful!

be kind to the hotel staff, be kind to everyone.

please seal your bodypaint.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh ermahgerd that’s a 0 to 60 way of getting a con to consider banning body paint due to a pissed off hotel.

Only thing this post did NOT cover, were some sealants for body painting.


Ben Nye Final Seal & Ben Nye LiquiSet
-I’ve used Final Seal (its blue), its strong, kinda sticky and super minty due to the menthol… its not really best for around the eyes but I’ve done it in a pinch (just keep em closed and have someone fan you realllly good so the sealer sets).

Kryolan Fixer Spray

Mehron Fixer Spray

You can also try other make-up brands of Fixer Spray, I know UD, NYX and MAC all have some sort of fixer, but YMMV with these instead of the above ones which I -know- are good for heavy duty work.


If you can spare the expense - you can look into getting an airbrush and using alcohol based body paints. They’re relatively waterproof, light on the skin and easy to remove as long as you remember soap first, water last.

Baby powder/cornstarch/hairspray

NOT ALL TOGETHER mind you that’d be a disaster. But in a pinch, using a light dusting of powders are effective temporary sealants. Good for a photoshoot or two but probably not for running around the con.

Hairspray will be similar to the other alcohol/aerosol based sealants, but I hate the feeling it leaves behind. Much sticker than with a normal sealer IMHO. Go for the lightest sweeping possible.


SillyFarm [] is good for those who are in the US/North America as most of these sealers are considered hazardous and MUST BE SHIPPED VIA GROUND.

International cosplayers would need to find their own sources, but it seems Da Grime [] and The Face Painting Shop [] are possible finds for those in the UK/EU.

Everyone can google/bing for their local costume shops (the year round ones, not the Spencers-ish pop up shops) as they generally sell a limited selection of face paints and make up, and if you’re lucky they’ll ORDER product for you as well (mine does!).


Most directions will tell you to either spritz/swipe on before or after application, but if you’re like me and going to be in that make up for a long ass day and possibly in heat (Hello San Diego in late July)and such.. go for this method:

Apply a solid base layer of sealant on clean skin that’s either dry or been moisturized but the product has been long absorbed by the skin. Let dry completely (have a friend fan you or use a hair dryer on COOL).

Apply your make up. If you have time, do spritzes of sealant between coats.

Let everything dry (sealant AND make up) completely.

Do a final seal.

Annnnd voila! There should be NO bleeding on the furniture!

(FYI: Yes I know about the PAX method. I personally do not like the PAX method. Acrylic paint is for canvas and your mama’s terra cotta pots. Not my skin. I would also prefer a nice relaxing shower rather than a hellfire scrub down.)


Bright Sapphire Blue Moon Necklace

This gold-plated moon holds several brilliant blue gems. A winged connecting pendant attaches this moon to a 28” gold-plated chain. Sold on Etsy.


Glow In The Dark Green Uranium Glass Drinkwear

This glasswear set from the 1930s includes two tea / coffee cups, and two candy dishes. All of these pieces are crafted out of uranium glass, which glows a bright green color in the dark. Sold on Etsy.